Welcome to Left Field Farm


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Welcome to Left Field Farm

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Left Field Farm Greenhouse & Market Garden was started from scratch in 1991 on a plot of wooded land in the Berkshire Highlands.  Since then, slowly and steadily, using mostly hand tools, we have worked to transform a small area of the woodlands into a highly productive farm. In our greenhouses we grow certified organic annual and vegetable plants for home gardeners, garden designers, local retail plant sellers and other farmers. In our market garden we raise a wide variety of certified organic vegetables, sold here on the farm and at retail outlets and restaurants in central and southern Berkshire County.

Our mission is to raise healthy plants that thrive in your gardens, and vegetables for your table that satisfy your senses, all grown in a manner that is respectful of our customers, of those who on work the farm, and of our place on the planet.

Our vision for the farm is to create a working landscape that, through mindful, organic agricultural and horticultural practices, is sensitive to the place we inhabit and to the creatures that share it along with us.  By doing so we hope to create a farm business that will continue to exist, after us, under the care of future generations of farmers.

Finally, we have attempted to create a place where people will feel welcome to visit again and again.


All website photos are of our farm and it’s products. Photos are by Maureen Sullivan and Carol Waag.