Market Garden Wholesale Information

M0_pickg_beans72-250At Left Field Farm we know that you want produce to move quickly out of your display case and into the shopping cart. Our goal is to help to make your produce displays look beautiful and bountiful and to grow produce that is so flavorful that your customers will come back for more.

Over the years, we have tested out many crop varieties. We have selected those that do best in our farm’s soil and microclimate, have the deepest and brightest colors, have great flavor and those that hold together well in produce displays.

We personally oversee the picking of all crops and do the final washing, trimming and packing of all the orders to insure only the highest quality produce leaves the farm. We have built our brand’s reputation on consistent quality, flavor and crop availability.

If you are interested in our certified organic vegetables for your produce case or kitchen use, please contact us.