by Maureen Sullivan on April 17, 2014

Sun.  Tomatoes are classified as either indeterminate, that is the tomato vine sets flowers until frost kills the plant, or determinate. Determinate tomato plants have a specific time period for producing flowers that will then set fruit and ripen. Indeterminate plants give you a longer harvest season.  Staking or trellising is recommended for indeterminate plants. Suckering of indeterminate plants is recommended for slicing varieties so that you get a good number of larger tomatoes (suckering is not necessary for cherry tomatoes). Caging determinate types will help to keep the fruit off the ground toreduce pest nibbling. Determinate types are not suckered.

We offer the following types of INDETERMINATE SLICING TOMATOES:

Aunt Ruby’s German Green – Heirloom  Full, fresh, sweet and fruity flavor. Fruits are large, 12 to 16 oz. size. Pick when fruit begins to blush yellow at blossom end.

Big Beef – Hybrid Avg. 10-12 oz., Big Beef is a globe-shaped full flavored red fruit. It is early to ripen and has moderate disease tolerance. 

Brandywine – Heirloom Very large “beefsteak” type prized for its flavorful pink-red fruit.

Cherokee Purple – Heirloom Large, dusky brown-purple skinned, green-shouldered fruit with brick-red flesh. Flavor is winy, smoky and earthy. Not an abundant producer, but the flavor is exceptional.

Cosmonaut Volkov – Heirloom  An early ripening heirloom with a satisfying authentic tomato flavor. Very sweet flesh. Plants produce round, red 12oz. fruits. One of our favorite sandwich tomatoes.

Jetstar – Hybrid  The best all-around garden tomato we have found. Tasty, large, heavy yielding, dependable and early. Fruits are thin skinned and sweet fleshed.  Jetstar does not have the wide disease resistance of other hybrid varieties. This is the tomato we grow in our garden to sell and eat.

Jubilee – Heirloom Jubilee was an All-America Selections winner in 1943. The 3″ fruits are  bright golden-orange when ready for eating. Jubilee has a mild sweet flavor and is low in acid.

Nepal – Open Pollinated  There is plenty of old-fashioned tomato flavor packed into these 10-12 oz., medium-large, globe-shaped, bright red fruits. A real ‘backyard’ variety.

Paul Robeson – Heirloom A Distinctive flavor, sweet and smoky. The 7 to 10 oz. fruit are a brick red color. Named in honor of the famous opera singer/actor/activist.

Striped German – Heirloom Gorgeous large yellow fruit blushed with red. Fruits are extremely meaty and sweet. A Left Field Farm favorite.

Supersonic – Hybrid From the same breeder as Jetstar, another excellent home-garden variety. Ripens a week later than Jetstar, but with larger, heavier “bragging rights” tomatoes.

We are offering the following DETERMINATE SLICING TOMATOES:

Bush Beefsteak – Heirloom An early-mid season producer of meaty, tasty, 8 oz. red fruits. 65 days

Mountain Fresh Plus – Hybrid  Looking for a big red tomato that produces 8 to 16 oz. slicers with great flavor? Mountain Fresh Plus will do that while being tolerant of cool, wet weather conditions.  This variety tolerates cool and wet conditions. Try this as a follow up to Bush Beefsteak for a longer supply of garden tomatoes. 75 days

We are offering the following CHERRY TOMATOES:

Black Cherry – Open Pollinated Dusky purple-brown skinned cherry.  Full flavored.

Indigo Cherry Drops – Open Pollinated Indigo Cherry Drops has dark blue skin  over red flesh.  This is a vigorous indeterminate plant bearing large clusters of 1-2 oz. fruit.

Suncherry – Hybrid  Mid-sized, extra sweet red fruit born on long trusses until frost.

Sungold – Hybrid Our most popular cherry tomato, and with good reason. The orange fruits of Sungold have a complex flavor often described as “tropical” or “winy”. Exotic and delicious. Ripens early and produces heavily.

We are offering the following PASTE TOMATOES:

Antique Paste – Heirloom We’ve been saving seed from this variety since 1995. Plants are heavy bearing and the large ox heart fruit have few seeds, a thin skin and exceptional flavor. Left Field Farm’s favorite cooking variety goes from vine to sauce in 10 minutes. (INDETERMINATE)

Juliet – Hybrid Small (2 1/4″ x 1 1/2″) deep red, shiny, elongated 1 1/2 to 2 oz. fruits. Delicious, rich tomato flavor for salads, great salsa, and fresh pasta sauce. Dries nicely with a sweet-as-candy quality. Juliet is very disease resistant. (INDETERMINATE)

Principe Borghese – Heirloom  A small plum-type fruit for drying. The dried fruits of Principe Borghese are far and away superior to store bought dried tomatoes. The dried fruit is sweet as a raisin but with a concentrated tomato bite. (DETERMINATE)





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