Welcome to Left Field Farm’s Cultural Guide

by Maureen Sullivan on April 9, 2014

We have created this cultural guide to help you select plants that will work best in your garden and container plantings.  If you are visiting this page and have the name of a plant as it appears on one of our plant labels, simply scroll through this alphabetical listing till you reach that plant or use the search box.  If you are using this guide with a specific plant in mind but aren’t sure whether to look under the plant’s common name or Latin name, we suggest using the search box. Finally, if you are looking to see what plants we offer for a specific use, such as “container plants for full sun”, click the appropriate categories to see the plants that we offer that will fill the bill. 

At this time we have plant photos to go along with some of our offerings.  Since we have chosen to only use photos take on the farm of the actual plants that we grow it may take us some time to have a more complete listing with photos.

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